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Doctor's Prescription

Doctor's Prescription

Get Online Doctor Prescription

You must be thinking whether a doctor can write a prescription without seeing the patient physically? The answer is yes, you can obtain a prescription from doctors through online mode for the non-controlled substances which is beneficial for your health. Instead of a physical meeting, the doctors can chat with you online through a call or video chat and get an online doctor's prescription. 

It takes a few simple steps to get a sample doctor prescription from getdocumentswithclicks.com: 
Make an account for having an online doctor consultation
Pay the consultation fees 
Speak to the concerned department doctor online 
Get your diagnoses 
Get a prescription from the doctor 
Show the prescription at the local pharmacy to get medicines. 

Often the online doctor consultations take less than 15 minutes. On can get online appointments almost immediately with online doctors. This saves a lot of time compared to the traditional ways of the visit to the doctors 

Common Prescriptions of Online Doctors

Generally, online doctors can write a prescription for a period of 90 days for the medicines approved by the Drug Enforcement Administration. A most popular category of medicines which are given in the online doctor prescription is: 
Erectile dysfunction medicines 
Birth control pills 
Hypertension medicines 
Thryripid medicines 
Flu medication 
These are just a few categories of generally prescribed medicines that are prescribed online. The licensed doctors online send their prescriptions through electronic mode for convenience and comfort. 

Maintain Patient’s Safety with Online Prescription

The doctor who prescribes medicines online should also explain their prescription well to the patients to keep them safe. The doctors should maintain prescription safety by: 
Determining the medical history of the patient and their drug history to prescribe safe drugs 
Identify the condition and its extremity to provide the right dose 

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